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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 29 Alpha Vol. 05 From the Grandmaster of Erotic Cinema… Glimpse Alpha 29, Vol. 5 has hit the beach. As the first chord vibrates the Summer of Love, Roy Stuart’s latest mind-blowing vision delivers a trippy, exhilarating vacation to remember. Alpha 29 offers 80-plus minutes of a juicy “Summer Read” to shamelessly devour. The chapters spring to life, […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 28 Alpha Vol. 04

Roy Stuart Redefines Contemporary Art : Experience an Authentic Orgasm in 2024 In time for the New Year, Roy Stuart bestows an exquisitely wrapped Glimpse Alpha season to remember… Hotter, edgier, and wetter than ever. Comprising over 20 sequences, the film can be savored start to finish or entered from any realm. Glimpse 28 mirrors Roy Stuart’s ingenuity […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 27 Celebrating the hard launch of the long-awaited Glimpse 27… With almost a year in production, Glimpse 27 boasts a running time of over two hours, while featuring more than a dozen fresh faces. Framed by new and original musicality, Glimpse 27 never hesitates to deliver the piquant, piercing rain of Roy Stuart’s signature golden showers. […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse Alpha Vol.3 – Emanations This new Glimpse includes a Special Golden Showers Compilation from years past and present! We have gone to great lengths to search through all of our archives to find the most beautiful and enticing Golden Shower scenes, which we have included throughout our new GLIMPSE! New faces, new musical fusion, new footage. Never. Before. Seen! Stuart […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 25 Alpha Vol. 02 Roy Stuart continues to innovate and surprise with his iconic Glimpse series, bringing you Glimpse 25 Alpha Vol. 2, more audacious, sexual, and subversive than ever before!  Liberated from the shackles of conventionality, this second installment of Alpha continues to push the boundaries of contemporary erotic art.  Staying true to Stuart’s artistic and ethos, Alpha vol. […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 24 Alpha

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 24 Alpha One Glimpse to rule them all! GLIMPSE 24 ALPHA now available on Blu-ray and DVD Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of one. In ethology, it is used to name the dominant individual in a particular group. In astronomy, it is the […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 23

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 23

Take a walk on the wild side. Created under the strictures of confinement in a stressed-out Paris, Roy Stuart presents the 23rd installment of his iconic Glimpse series. Undeterred by the lockdown blues, he creatively channels the current zeitgeist to address contemporary issues of sexuality and solve problems.In the film’s first sequence, the veil is […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 22

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 22

So hot it will burn your heart ! Catch 22. Roy Stuart continues his masterpiece series of ‘erotic refinement pushed to the ultimate aesthetic’ with this follow-up to Glimpse 21. American actress and model, Caprice Elise (Ridley Scott’s ‘The Last Duel’) returns in Glimpse 22, and for the first time, illuminates the screen with absolute […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 21

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 21

« For the fun? For the money? Nah, for the pleasure pleasure honey! »   No more industrial porn! No more supermarket of sex!—This new Glimpse does however contain strong explicit scenes even though they have nothing to do with the sad industrial internet porn that relegates the mechanics of sex to crude functionalism. In 2019 cinema has […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 20

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 20

20 years of Glimpse! An anniversary triumph! Glimpse 20 is an intensely sexual, socially transgressive film unmatched in contemporary erotic filmography. Stuart, influenced by authors Angela Carter, William S. Burroughs, Carlos Castenada and Georges Bataille, remains passionately opposed to commercial pornography and insists every scene subvert and skewer some societally imposed sexual taboo. Women are portrayed with […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 19

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 19

The Glimpse films will soon count as many numbers as our century. But the number 19 is really a special delicacy, made by a Roy Stuart at the top of his art. At the heart of this new Glimpse is a long torrid scene in which we witness the slow seduction of a magnificent young […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 18

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 18

The new Glimpse by Roy Stuart – already the eighteenth! – is a great achievement that should delight the fans that we all are. The master of explicit erotic spectacle has again  struck strong. Adept in the third way between eroticism and pornography, he gives us a masterpiece far from the insipidinous of traditional eroticism […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 17

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 17

THE ACTRESS DOES NOT WANT TO APPEAR ON THE INTERNET.HOWEVER SHE APPEARS TOTALLY UNCENSORED ON GLIMPSE 17. “A work incredibly exciting!  A Glimpse of rare intensity, exhilarating and intoxicating. The authentic orgasms of the main young model are a special feature “-Art Alert GLIMPSE 17 pushes the boundaries of erotic art and offers a […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 16

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 16 «Without doubt, the hottest GLIMPSE ever!» – WMKART.COM The Blu-Ray version is now available for the same price as the DVD, as well as a special Blu-Ray collector’s edition! “La mer, la mer, toujours recommencée…” – Paul Valéry. In this new Glimpse, Roy Stuart shows us women, women always renewed.One more time the magician, […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 15

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 15 “Over 2 hours of beautiful, natural, often quite young girls, no faked-orgasms, fountain girls brilliantly real.” – A very special Glimpse: for the first time the film has been  shot entirely in High-Definition resulting in never before impeccable image quality. –  Another first: a Blu-Ray version is now available for the same price as the […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 14

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 14 This new Glimpse is entirely devoted to the female and her spells. Only two men make an appearance but the second one is so beautiful … he’s probably an angel! European, Asian, African, shy, playful, serious but all pretty, fresh and graceful, sen- sual sex before and after, with always natural breasts and pussies […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 13

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 13 Like the unknown woman imagined by the poet – which is never quite the same nor entirely different- this new Glimpse 13 resembles it’s twelve prestigious precedents while having its own distinct identity. Roy Stuart has put extra effort into the design and implementation of the twenty odd sequences that make up this diverse […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 12

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 12 The Glimpse of Labyrinthes by XLO Roy Stuart constructs labryniths.The Glimpse films are complex intricate structures, laden with traps, leading to an “inland empire” at the center of which lies an enigma; images containing secret passages, like a lost door, and it is for the viewer to find the path that connects language and image. […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 11

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 11 With this eleventh Glimpse Roy Stuart is at the top of his art as he ushers in a new decade with a sublime two and a half hours of pure sensuality. Under the watchful eye of his magic camera, emenating from a diabolical edit, over a dozen lovely, totally natural creatures share with us […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 10

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 10

It’s been a long cold winter but Roy Stuart is here to heat things up with his new Glimpse10, the longest and most musical of the series. There is a certain pleasure to find oneself on familiar ground. Anna Bielska starts the show and we’re off for two and a half hours of warm reunion […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 9

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 9 The CollectorReview by Victor Westman The completion of his feature film, The Lost Door did not stop Roy Stuart from continuing to work on his Glimpse films and produce a new opus, the ninth in the series. Collection is more the word: heterogeneous and baroque, like a cabinet of curiosities. Here the order of scenes […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 8

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 8 Article By Stéphane Ruiz A brunette in panties masturbates a man hidden behind a car. A sequence follows where two women and one man, their faces outside the frame, caress each other’s sex. Next unfolds a sequence of poses where the model wearing a blouse, buttoned half open, socks and a tight skirt, scratches herself […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 7

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 7 Article by Stephane Ruiz “I will not make any more boring art” : this resolution that appears in a sequence of Glimpse 7 seems to sum up Roy Stuart’s film projects. Filming sex in all its aspects, without falling into a verbal discourse and without succumbing to the comfort of porno. It doesn’t fit into […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 6

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 6 Review from LEG SHOW magazine Notice when an American hardcore video promises ‘real women’ what they mean is ugly women, or overweight woman, or women who couldn’t make it in mainstream porn? When did real become synonymous with homely? Roy’s spectacular GLIMPSE VIDEO #6 gives you approx. 2½ hours of very real women more […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 5

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 5 Review of Glimpse 5 by Victor Westman Every Roy Stuart Glimpse is centred (of course) on female pleasure, and Glimpse 5 is of similar generous length to its companions, at ca 120 minutes. Yet it’s distinctively different from all the others. For one thing, we’re offered, instead of the usual 15-minute ‘chapter’ jumps, no […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 4

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 4 Review of Glimpse 4 by Victor Westman Another generously-crammed club-sandwich of a Roy Stuart video, with mostly tasty ingredients spilling out in all directions and in totally variable proportions. You never know whether a leisurely scene-opening is going to lead in to a brief short or to an extended twelve minutes or more. Two-minute […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 3

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 3 Review of Glimpse 3 by Victor Westman ‘Tenderness’, to the astonishment of High Court judges and some others, was D.H. Lawrence’s working title for what became ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’. Lawrence perceived a ‘taboo on tenderness’ in his time, and it’s apparent that the West has nowhere near cracked that taboo even today, eight patchily […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 2

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 2 Review by Dian Hanson – LEG SHOW magazine GLIMPSE, Volume 2 is Roy’s greatest yet. Readers sometimes write asking ‘Will this tape be different from my previous GLIMPSE tape ?’ They mean will it have different girls, different scenarios, which of course it does, but the differences go far deeper. Every volume of GLIMPSE […]

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 1

Roy Stuart's Glimpse 01

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 1

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 1