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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 28 Alpha Vol. 04

Roy Stuart Redefines Contemporary Art : Experience an Authentic Orgasm in 2024

In time for the New Year, Roy Stuart bestows an exquisitely wrapped Glimpse Alpha season to remember… Hotter, edgier, and wetter than ever. Comprising over 20 sequences, the film can be savored start to finish or entered from any realm.

Glimpse 28 mirrors Roy Stuart’s ingenuity behind his best-selling Taschen Books: Create accessible art that is affordable for the masses. With a running time of 80 minutes, the only reduction in intensity is the price, just 50 euros. 

Newcomer, fresh-faced ingenues vividly experience authentic orgasms, a pleasure not achieved in lackluster, industrialized porn. The unbridled sexuality is framed by Stuart’s psychedelic-poetic soundtrack, offering non-stop gratification from a different dimension. 

Inhale deeply as Glimpse 28 delivers atmospheric rivers of aureate rain, sustained by warm blazing penetrations of every variety. Roy’s auteur artistry evokes a lush narrative describing sex as physiological pleasure that no gender should ever be denied. It is his ultimate gift to our complex, conflicted planet.

As Angela Carter brilliantly elucidated: The more pornography acquires the techniques of real art, the more deeply subversive it is likely to be in that the more likely it is to affect the viewer’s perceptions of the world.

Celebrate Art. Realize the vision that is Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 28 Alpha Vol. 4

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 28 Alpha Vol. 04

Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 28 Alpha Vol. 04