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Roy Stuart photographer and film director

Roy Stuart is an American photographer and film director who lives in Paris. His photographs blend erotic photography and contemporary art. His photography books have been published by Taschen, the first three volumes of which sold over 750,000 copies. He has directed the movies Giulia and The Lost Door.
Stuart lived in New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s, working as an actor (“his only role of interest was a bit part in The Godfather Part II, playing an American soldier back from World War I”), musician and in a colour photo lab. He moved to London where he became a fashion  photographer. He later moved to Paris and began taking erotic photographs..
Philippe Garnier, writing in Libération in 2002 said of Stuart’s publications by Taschen, “Roy Stuart is quickly becoming a locomotive for this atypical editor.”

What People Say

Yes, this is the genuine Roy Stuart. Your older material is so very erotic, vivid, sexy, funny, has often little surprises, is full of life and has lots of esprit.
Please go on with this.
I'm awaiting Volume 2, 3, 4, ...

Through Roy Stuart's lens the images are sublime, the models more beautiful, resembling real people —the production is flawless yet always present with an air of spontanaety.

Lengthy, all-inclusive layouts of visual poetry to stir up tabletops [and sexlives]! Resurrecting worthy dialogue yet again, taking on sexual taboo via playful and oh so powerful women. Excited to own the Roy Stuart collection.





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