The Glimpse series

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Feature films


Obsession, sex, and illusion are depicted in a series of parallel stories. The Lost Door opens while Kristina is being interrogated in a psychiatric hospital where she has been committed. Catherine, a young psychiatrist has been assigned by the court to discover what goes on in the deranged yet intriguing mind of this suspected murderer, haunted by ghosts and strange sexual situations.After a long confrontation, it's the mysterious Kristina who opens up the young psychiatrists mind to her own repressed desires.

"Mr. Stuart seems to be able to jump our middle chakras. He appeals to the mind and suddenly to the sex in us. Contemplative to aroused and back. Stuart has mastered the slippery art of making us think while piquing our sexual interest."
-Paul Thomas, PT REVIEW

« …He (Stuart) is gifted at filming women, their dance… »
-Michel Houellebecq, TECHNIKART SEP/08