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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse Gold Vol.1

Glimpse Gold Vol 01 (Blu-ray)


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Glimpse Gold Vol 01 (Blu-ray)

Be kind, rewind.

Vintage lovers rejoice, the good old days are back! Studio C digs up the past with a new Roy Stuart movie collection.
Return to where it all started with Glimpse Gold, an all new feature with never seen before footage! Glimpse Gold Volume 1 focuses on the
90’s with more than 2 hours of torrid adventures, castings and behind the scenes exclusive footage.

Do you remember the days before HD?
Before the internet, before digital, there was something raw, something authentic and wild. Something we miss today. The power of the tape was everything. Its uniqueness and freshness are now gone, forgotten. The film print, that thing of the past, is a relic we collect today, a treasure we value. But is it really gone?

For the first time, Studio C explores the amazing Roy Stuart collection to unearth the most amazing sequences ever caught on tape. Nostalgia is pure gold and so are the images. Glimpse Gold is not a narrative feature, it collects all the hottest moments of the years 1991 and 1992, scenes that were never shown before. This movie is a full fledged Glimpse, maybe the most subversive of the series. With an unadorned style, Stuart revives an era of fun and freedom. The grain on the screen jogs delicious memories and reminds us how incredible it was to be on Roy Stuart’s set back then. Each tremble of the tape is like a gem, it’s the symbol of this uninhibited happiness we’re still all looking for. This joy exists, it’s all here in Glimpse Gold.

Beta cam films have been digitized and edited and Roy Stuart marks the occasion by delivering an incredible soundtrack: tracks from his rock band in New York in the 90’s. This is Vintage Heaven.

Revive the bad lieutenant scenes from Taschen book Roy Stuart 5 with new video archives, discover the first « psychiatrist » sequence shot by Stuart and meet 18 years old Hélène in one of the fascinating castings. She’s French and she has something to show you. Can you handle Glimpse Gold Volume 1? Studio C puts you to the test.

The ultimate Roy Stuart vintage anthology is here. Own Glimpse Gold Vol 1 on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD today!

Glimpse Gold Vol 01 (Blu-ray)

Glimpse Gold Vol 01 (Blu-ray)