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Glimpse 29 Alpha Vol. 5 Part 1 VOD


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Glimpse 29 Alpha Vol. 5 Part 1 VOD

The best songs just come unasked for. You don’t have to think about them. Summer is a good time for songs.  – Jim Morrison

From the Grandmaster of Erotic Cinema… Glimpse Alpha 29, Vol. 5 has hit the beach.

As the first chord vibrates the Summer of Love, Roy Stuart’s latest mind-blowing vision delivers a trippy, exhilarating vacation to remember.

Alpha 29 offers 80-plus minutes of a juicy “Summer Read” to shamelessly devour. The chapters spring to life, regardless of where you have dog-eared the sticky pages. A blazing epilogue of a Bonus Scene will leave you thirsting for the sequel.

Drench yourself in an endless wave of innocent new faces with bikini ready bodies, all surfing beyond the confines of society’s programmed taboos. Cascades of flowing penetrations and genuine orgasms ease the body, mind, and spirit, like only a blissful summer holiday can.

Glimpse Alpha 29, Vol. 5: Best enjoyed accompanied by the conscious-altering refresher of your choice. Slather on the SPF, dip your toes in the water, then prepare to break all the rules… No Shirt, No Shoes, No Censors.

-Lysa H.

Glimpse 29 Alpha Vol. 5 Part 1 VOD

Glimpse 29 Alpha Vol. 5 Part 1 VOD