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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 23

Glimpse 23


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Glimpse 23

Created under the strictures of confinement in a stressed-out Paris, Roy Stuart presents the 23rd installment of his iconic Glimpse series. Undeterred by the lockdown blues, he creatively channels the current zeitgeist to address contemporary issues of sexuality and solve problems.
In the film’s first sequence, the veil is lifted to reveal the challenging sexual dynamics in the era of social distancing. Two young girls reutrning home meet a stranger who is lost and whose phone is dead. They invite him up to charge his phone and a definite attraction develops between him and one of the girls. But how to materialize this desire into an organic situation, solving the sexual frustrations of the masked couple sitting alone on the girl’s bed and staring at into each other’s expectant eyes…

From this starting point, Roy leads us on an arousing journey, both sensually and aesthetically, penetrating to the core of contemporary sexual attitudes and revealing to us a vision of sexuality that is neither objectifying nor sterile.
Glimpse is the alternative, The Third Way; here we are in the realm of contemporary art. To quote Angela Carter:

“There is a liberal theory that art disinfects eroticism of its latent subversiveness, and pornography that is also art loses its shock and its magnetism, becomes ‘safe’… Out of this dilemma, the moral pornographer might be born… an artist who uses pornographic material as part of the acceptance of the logic of a world of absolute sexual licence for all the genders, and projects a model of the way such a world might work.”

As in his previous films, Roy Stuart continues his pioneering work as the “moral pornographer” to help us discover a representation of sexuality beyond good and evil.

In it’s nearly two hours running time, Glimpse 23 is composed of 15 different scenes many of which feature never before seen models, woven together by Stuart’s unique and avant-garde style. The film also features, as always, enchanting original music by Stuart himself as well as a poetic contribution by Franz Wright.

So enter once again the Glimpse universe where the false promises of consumerism and industrial porn are shed away with a reality in which fantasy and sensuality are the ruling principles.

Glimpse 23

Glimpse 23