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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 20

Glimpse 20


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Glimpse 20

20 years of Glimpse! An anniversary triumph! Glimpse 20 is an intensely sexual, socially transgressive film unmatched in contemporary erotic filmography.

Stuart, influenced by authors Angela Carter, William S. Burroughs, Carlos Castenada and Georges Bataille, remains passionately opposed to commercial pornography and insists every scene subvert and skewer some societally imposed sexual taboo. Women are portrayed with strength and sexual agency; men are often submissive; all are adventuresome and fluid.

Featured is a long and provocative series of unreleased castings, presenting all the endearing charm of pretty young novices who have never before known the camera. Also included are previously unreleased vintage explicit sequences with the unforgettable Anna Bielska (Giulia); eternal Anna, gay, mischievous and delirious, exuding a sensuality that illuminates the screen with fantastic erotic talent! This completely new return will upset more than one.Celebrate 20 years of sexual incandescence with this new and unique feature film; a Glimpse masterpiece with erotic refinement pushed to the ultimate aesthetic, the inimitable mark of the great Roy Stuart!

-Dian Hanson

Mr. Stuart seems to be able to jump our middle chakras. He appeals to the mind and suddenly to the sex in us. Contemplative to aroused and back. Stuart has mastered the slippery art of making us think while piquing our sexual interest.
-Paul Thomas. PT REVIEW

« …He (Stuart) is gifted at filming women, their dance… »-Michel Houellebecq, TECHNIKART SEP/08

Glimpse 20

Glimpse 20