Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 16

Glimpse 16 – DVD Limited Edition


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Glimpse 16 – DVD Limited Edition

This limited DVD edition comes with 3 different A4 print copy
numbered and signed by Roy Stuart and is limited to 50 copies only. The
prints provided with the DVD may vary.

«Without doubt, the hottest GLIMPSE ever!» – WMKART.COM

“La mer, la mer, toujours recommencée…” – Paul Valéry.
In this new Glimpse, Roy Stuart shows us women, women always renewed.

more time the magician, uncontested genius of casting offers us a
spontaneous generation of charming young women uniting two brilliant
qualities –
freshness and heat .
A blond in long black coat, a
spicy brunette, a redhead on a trapeze, a voluptuous African, a cute and
mysterious Chinese girl … A diversity of colours and origins united
in their natures. Beautiful expressive faces, pretty, natural, sensual
ondulating breasts, delicate pussies nestled in their fur. Authentic,
often wet climaxes they give themselves, give others, and give us.

these scenes of pure pleasure (the golden showers are always present)
are added two sequences scripted, dialogued and acted avoiding the
pitfalls and the frustrations of classical cinema and classical porn.
Stuart creates a total spectacle that reconciles narrative and sex,
where one has the chance to get to know and perhaps identify with the
actors before having the intensity magnified by seeing them make love
for real, explicitly.

The psychiatrist’s adventures continue.
First, the impassioned mother of a very young patient (from Glimpse 15)
runs a call-girl agency. She offers the psychiatrist a new recruit.
by the challenge of the initiation, he accepts but is confronted with
the complex character of a young novice who remains unimpressed by his
words to the point of refusing his advances. She flees and finds shelter
in the apartment of a nearby neighbour. What happens next? Will the
neighbour know how to sooth the young rebel?

A vintage bonus – an
excerpt from one of the first Glimpse films – two adorable high school
girls in a dormitory bedroom are in the process of discovering their
bodies when they are surprised by the matron who, angry at first, cannot
resist the sensuality of the two young graces.
Many arts are
included in this new festival of the senses–cinema, photography, music
with an original musical score, talented actors, poetry, philosophy and

Glimpse 16 – DVD Limited Edition

Glimpse 16 – DVD Limited Edition