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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 15

Glimpse 15 – (Blu-ray)


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Glimpse 15 – (Blu-ray)

Over two hours of beautiful, natural, often quite young girls, nothing faked-orgasms and fountain girls brilliantly real.

GLIMPSE 15 by Roy Stuart
-A very special Glimpse; for the first time the film has been shot entirely in High-Definition resulting in never before impeccable image quality.

-Another first; a Blu-Ray version (for the same price as the DVD version) is now available in PAL (Europe) only.

Nothing artificial here, no piercing or silicone breasts, no phony acting, simulating or simply bad porno as found on the internet. Here we have the same spontaneity and explicit sex with a original sound track and the different the sections this time united with a common theme.

In this Glimpse a thread dealing with the often outrageous sexual fantasies taking place in a psychiatrists office connects the sequences. In this rarified atmosphere, all sorts of sexual activities take place involving mostly young girls, who are sometimes obliged to piss embarrassed in front of the Psychiatrist. In addition, the cover girl from GLYMPSTORYS is featured in a mesmerizing sequence: “Phone Sex”.

Glimpse 15 – (Blu-ray)

Glimpse 15 – (Blu-ray)