Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 14

Glimpse 14


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Glimpse 14

Running time 2h20.

This new Glimpse is entirely devoted to the female and her spells. Only two men make an appearance but the second one is so beautiful … he’s probably an angel!

European, Asian, African, shy, playful, serious but all pretty, fresh and graceful, sen- sual sex before and after, with always natural breasts and pussies to the fine flesh unshorn, fifteen young girls are sharing their passions alone or in duo with innocence and enthusiasm or for the first time in front of the camera, sex is their pleasure not their profession.

A third way
Sex, contemporary art and reality combine, we do not speak of «erotic» or «porn». Here we are in full «Third Way»; see the invisible, as developed in the preface of Roy Stuart’s sixth book Glympstorys.

A special added feature: excerpts from the documentary presented this winter by the TV channel ARTE; special because not only are there clips and an interview with Stuart but the documentary also playfully lifts the veil on Roy’s beautiful and rebellious model, the young muse from Glympstorys, who appears several times in Glimpse 14.

The maestro’s artistic approach and authenticity of his models lets us glimpse real orgasms, visible and audible, a beauty and a high-intensity power that defy the laws of classical pornographic mechanics.

One of the most exciting sequences involves the lovely Japanese girl who so reserved at first, sublimely metamorphosis into a raging irresistible gushing finale.

Roy Stuart, as he so often does, brings together two other major arts – poetry and music – to join the party and appreciate the splendor of the female orgasm … a real fire of fireworks July 14.

Two hours and 20 minutes of pure magic.
– Christian Noirot

Glimpse 14

Glimpse 14