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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 13

Glimpse 13


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Glimpse 13

Running time 2h10

Like the unknown woman imagined by the poet – which is never quite the same nor entirely different- this new Glimpse 13 resembles it’s twelve prestigious precedents while having its own distinct identity.

Roy Stuart has put extra effort into the design and implementation of the twenty odd sequences that make up this diverse album. All the imagination, energy, expertise, as if making a feature film. Probably because he had been working on a feature film project earlier this year. This is especially true of the brilliant main sequence, which tells the story and contrast of two girlfriends-an inexperienced childlike beauty that recites romantic poetry in the street and a more mature girl who likes to show off in front of her webcam.-The younger girl opposes her friends twisted plan to use her as bait to pick up and rip off a guy -but who will come out on top? …

And of course, this is the DNA of Roy Stuart, a bevy of pretty girls – brunette, blonde or redhead, all generously unshaven, get naked, play ,evolve, caress, love, with intensity and authenticity and who sometimes spring golden sources.

The work is multi-faceted- even the darkest expression projects a surrealistic life-force along with the lighter work which is sheer fun,… a playful shared wink straight from the artist himself…

Two and a quarter hours of pure pleasure once again, Roy’s magic!
– Christian Noirot

Glimpse 13

Glimpse 13