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Roy Stuart’s Glimpse 11

Glimpse 11


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Glimpse 11

With this eleventh Glimpse Roy Stuart is at the top of his art as he ushers in a new decade with a sublime two and a half hours of pure sensuality.

Under the watchful eye of his magic camera, emenating from a diabolical edit, over a dozen lovely, totally natural creatures share with us their most intimate pleasures.

Exclusive: a bonus! The beautiful Anna Bielska, star of Giulia and of numerous unforgettable Glimpse appearances, offers for the very first time an explicit view of an actual penetration of her pretty person.

“He (Stuart) is gifted at filming women, their dance…”
-Michel Houellebecq “Technikart” Sep’08

Through out history, most men have deemed it correct, at a certain point in life, to allude to sexual problems as though they were just trivial childish games, and to assume that the real subjects, the subjects worthy of a man’s attention, were politics, business or war, etc. The truth, in Daniel’s time, began to be unearthed, it became more and more clear, and more and more difficult to hide, that the true goals of men, the only ones they would have pursued spontaneously if it were still possible for them to do so, were of an exclusively sexual nature. -M. Houellebecq “The Possibility of an island”

Mr. Stuart seems to be able to jump our middle chakras He appeals to the mind and suddenly to the sex in us.Contemplative to arroused and back.Stuart has mastered the slippery art of making us think while piquing our sexual interest. -Paul Thomas

Glimpse 11

Glimpse 11