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Hot Summer ! Get - 50€ on your next order this month !

August is a hot month, so hot... You have no idea. Studio C is not ready to cool things down and this month you're not the only one who's gonna melt, the prices are melting too ! And it's a global meltdown ! To enjoy Summer, save €50 ($58USD) on your next order. Studio C offers you a huge discount. It's an opportunity to do great things and to do some smart shopping ! Let's burn down the house, buy for €200 ($234USD) or more and get an automatic 50€ discount at the end of your order ! No promo codes, no calculation, you have nothing to do, the online store will do the maths for you. The €50 will automatically be deducted from your total. It's gonna be a hot summer, today is your chance !

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