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New Paris workshop this August !

Studio C is pleased to share with you the second Roy Stuart workshop in Paris ! On August 15th Roy Stuart will give one workshop at Studio C Paris. Roy Stuart is an American photographer and film director based in Paris. His photographs blend glamour photography and contemporary art with an emphasis on female models and BDSM aesthetics. Meet the maestro of Erotic Photography at his studio and learn Photography with him and his female model Ariane Cassidy. Studio C created a unique formula including a real mentoring program in order the students or professionnal photographers achieve real results.

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop ! Learn the methods and aesthetics of erotic and glamour photography to develop your artistic skills. Nude photography offers expressive freedom for every photographer, it's a huge opportunity to work with a professionnal and reknowned photographer and to grow as a visual narrator. Don't miss this fantastic experience and book your workshop now. €350 for 3 hours ! Get a - 20% discount if you book now !

Send an email in French or English to roystuartprod@gmail.com for further info.

The workshop will take place at Studio C, 19 Rue Richer, 75009 Paris on August 15th from 2PM to 5PM. BOOK NOW ! Use the promo code to get 20% off!

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