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Glimpse 18 is here!

The new Glimpse by Roy Stuart - already the eighteenth! - is a great achievement that should delight the fans that we all are. The master of explicit erotic spectacle has again struck strong. Adept in the third way between eroticism and pornography, he gives us a masterpiece far from the insipidinous of traditional eroticism and the vulgarity of routine pornography.

Gimpse 18 is out on DVD, Bluray and VOD!

Stuart is the spiritual son of great Joe Sarno, the pioneering celebrator of female pleasure. A unique pioneer of the genre, he places the enjoyment of woman at the heart of his art. Like the author of «The Layout", he has a predilection for the dildo because it allows his patients to modulate their ascent to orgasm better than with a phallus: an instrument for the emancipation of feminine sexuality. Always in the style of Sarno, he shows women of all kinds, taken in their intimacy close to their delicious bodies without yielding to stereotypes or fashion - for "everything is good at home" as in the song by Georges Brassens. The camera explores them as the hand caresses, the excitement is palpable in all the participants inciting the viewer to partake of the pleasure presented. Nothing is fixed, nothing is foreseeable.

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