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Roy Stuart on The Rialto Report

Roy Stuart is a renowned modern-day high-art erotic photographer and filmmaker. He lives in a beautiful 19 century Haussmanian apartment in Paris, a space he also uses to shoot some of the stills and movies he is famous for. From his home to his lifestyle, Roy comes across as quintessentially European.

Except he isn’t.

Roy was born in New York City, and spent many of his formative years in New York’s underground arts scene in the 1970s. It’s in New York that he met Rod Swenson and started working at Show World. It’s where his go-go dancing girlfriend asked him to make a loop with her. Where he met Jane Hamilton and performed in live sex shows with her. Where he started an S&M theater company that Al Goldstein praised in Screw magazine. And where he made adult films with the likes of Lasse Braun, Bill Milling, Henri Pachard, Leonard Kirtman and Chuck Vincent.

With over five decades of experience in the adult industry to share, April Hall from The Rialto Report visited Roy earlier this year in his Paris loft to hear his memories of the golden age of adult film.

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