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Glimpse 16 is coming!

The countdown has begun! Roy Stuart announces a new GLIMPSE for September 1st!

Are you ready for the hottest Glimpse ever? Kick off the new school year with more than 2 hours of pure pleasure.

One more time the magician, uncontested genius of casting offers us a spontaneous generation of charming young women uniting two brilliant qualities - freshness and heat . A blond in long black coat, a spicy brunette, a redhead on a trapeze, a voluptuous African, a cute and mysterious Chinese girl ... A diversity of colours and origins united in their natures. Beautiful expressive faces, pretty, natural, sensual ondulating breasts, delicate pussies nestled in their fur. Authentic, often wet climaxes they give themselves, give others, and give us.

Get your first look at Glimpse 16 now!

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