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Roy Stuart in ARTNET

French cultural space, ARTE Creative, is featuring a documentary titled “Fantasies, sex, fiction and temptations." The film explores the aesthetic, sociological and psychoanalytical threads informing sexual fantasy and desire (see New Institute of Sexology Celebrates History of Erotic Art, Film, Photography).

Director Laure Michel questioned several artists about their sexual imagination, fantasies and narratives. Among those interviewed are French actor Jean-Marc Barr, Spanish actor Sergi Lopez, American photographer Roy Stuart, cartoonist Nine Antico, Japanese designer Atsuko Kudo and American romance-novelist Sylvia Day.


Of particular interest in this group is provocative photographer Roy Stuart, whose work has been captivating (and repelling) since the 1970's. Stuart, who enjoys a cinematographic background with minor parts in The Godfather Part II and some X-rated films, became intrigued by cinematographic techniques and, especially, the use of lighting for the creation of photographs.

His photographs seem to defy the pornographic and the erotic (see Society for Women Artists' Show Censored Over 'Pornographic' Painting). How? Stuart has seemingly created his own representation of feminine sexuality, as a man, distinct from romantic notions of the subject.


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