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Glympstorys reviews by C-Heads + Roy Stuart interview

“With this new book it was possible to advance the discovery that women can be beautiful as they are, gone are all useless female adornments like high heels, stockings, excessive make-up, we can finally see females as if they stepped out of a dream…”

American photographer and filmmaker Roy Stuart is back after 5 years of absence with his 320 pages new book called “ Glympstorys” where it´s about female sexuality, sexual pleasure, beauty and nudity all captured in a pure, honest and raw way. His work is full of infectious emotions, a boon in a hypocritical society trying to hide natural emotions into something immoral. Pictures that actually fight for the self-evident freedom, detached from purpose. Roy grapples a lot with those sort of things and uses sexuality in his art just the same way feminist groups are doing it when presenting messages on their bare breasts. “In Western culture nudity, sexuality and beauty have always been linked to the notion of truth and pursuit of knowledge. When referring to truth in it´s purest form don´t we say the naked truth? And isn´t beauty a door trough which we awaken the dead, for a moment, a moment of desire, desire of the other, where after introspection, the understanding of this pleasure fades away beyond our grasp.”


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