The Glimpse series

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Review by Dian Hanson - LEG SHOW magazine


GLIMPSE, Volume 2 is Roy's greatest yet. Readers sometimes write asking 'Will this tape be different from my previous GLIMPSE tape ?' They mean will it have different girls, different scenarios, which of course it does, but the differences go far deeper. Every volume of GLIMPSE represents a new approach to human sexuality. Roy is constantly evolving, refining his theory and technique. With every photo shoot he sets himself new challenges, new approaches to light, new limits for his performers -- for they are surely more than models -- to push back.


As every photo shoot becomes a mini-movie with plot, subtext and complex character development, the accompanying video segments grow richer. Perhaps most exciting with the new GLIMPSE video is that almost every layout from the last year of LEGSHOW is represented. Fascinating Tommi, the young boy who transforms to a ravishing girl before your eyes, starred in August's "Worm To Butterfly". Cruel, voluptuous Marissa from January's "Two Dog Night" carries the competition of her two well hung slaves far further on tape.Elizabeth from November reveals her astonishing perfection, and Anna, Roy's own special collaborator, masturbates to a gushing, shocking climax you won't doubt, or forget.

With every new volume The GLIMPSE Tape presents more beautiful young faces, bodies and spirits. It's easy to imagine some of these tender lips are accepting their first cocks, as their eyes dart around seeking what? Direction ? Approval ? Just permission, perhaps, to do what they really want. This is real sex, real passion, real fulfillment, all photographed in state of the art video with the feel of classic film. There are those, in fact, urging Roy to make a feature film for theatrical release. This one will make you believe he can do it. Oh, and the soundtrack's pretty cool too.