The Female Pleasure Principle / The best of Roy Stuart’s Leg Show fantasy photos, Vol 2

Between 1987 and 2001, Dian Hanson, then editor of Leg Show magazine, and photographer Roy Stuart collaborated on over 100 fetish photo shoots. It was critical to Stuart’s taboo-busting philosophy that any sex portrayed in these photos be authentic, and he often included female masturbation, always to climax.

To Stuart it seemed absurd that so many young women didn’t know how to reliably give themselves orgasms. It smacked of male/female inequality. He therefore kept a number of high-powered vibrators in his studio and encouraged prospective models, during the often weeks-long educational process leading up to a photo shoot, to experiment with these machines to learn what pleased them best. When he and Hanson would confer on a shoot he might ask if masturbation would be appropriate; she came to understand this meant the model had acquired the necessary skill and wanted to demonstrate it. The answer, therefore, was always “yes”.

The volume Getting Off, second in the Embrace Your Fantasies series, represents the best of these photo sessions, accompanied by original Leg Show text by Hanson. All images are from the original transparencies, rescued from the Leg Show archives before the magazine ceased publishing in 2012. Join us once again for an exploration of 1990s sexual freedom, and a unique celebration of female empowerment.

  • Hardcover: 268 pages

  • Publisher: TASCHEN (May 7, 2019)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 3836576821

  • ISBN-13: 978-3836576826

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Taboos: Busted / The best of Roy Stuart’s Leg Show fantasy photos

Between 1987 and 2001, Dian Hanson, then editor of Leg Show magazine, and photographer Roy Stuart collaborated on over 100 fetish photo shoots, producing an intensely sexual, socially transgressive body of work unmatched in contemporary erotic photography. Stuart, influenced by authors Angela Carter, William S. Burroughs, and Georges Bataille, was and remains passionately opposed to commercial pornography and insisted every photo story subvert and skewer some societally imposed sexual taboo. Women are portrayed with strength and sexual agency; men are often submissive; all are adventuresome and fluid. Hanson selected the wardrobe to appeal to a range of sexual tastes, including stocking, shoe, panty, nylon, and rubber fetishes. Viewed today, the styles and attitudes speak to the liberal hedonism of 1990s America, when, under the Clinton presidency, erotic artists were afforded more creative freedom.

Power Play, the first volume in the series Roy Stuart: Embrace Your Fantasies, showcases photo stories addressing sexual power dynamics. All images are from the original transparencies, rescued from the Leg Show archives before the magazine’s demise in 2012, and presented with Hanson’s original magazine text.

Join us in a trip back to the prosperous, optimistic 1990s to explore your fantasies―and perhaps some you never considered―with the richly produced sexual subversion of Roy Stuart and Dian Hanson.

“‘Art porn’ almost universally fails to be either aesthetically satisfying or a turn-on―but Roy Stuart bestrides both camps like an obscene and beguiling colossus, truly earning the title undisputed master of the genre.”
— Arena, London

Text in English, French and German 

  • Hardcover: 272 pages

  • Publisher: TASCHEN (July 1, 2018)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 3836571692

  • ISBN-13: 978-3836571692

  • Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 10.6 inches

After numerous requests for a new collection of photos, Roy Stuart is back with a new book. Here he unveils a more daring and subver-sive work, bigger, bolder, which goes further than anything already published. It reveals the outrageous censorship imposed by Taschen whose absurdity is left to the readers to judge.


Since the creation of his full length feature film, The Lost Door, Roy Stuart continues to augment his unique rhythm and voice in contem-porary photography. In a time of video domination, still photography may no longer permit itself to be isolated in its immediacy but instead be part of a stream where the image invokes before and after, com-pressing the image and giving it it’s power... Beyond a need for cap-tions, the photograph must evolve to burst free of its own limitations, and reveals a third dimension of the image: expressing text, poetry, music ....


The DVD that accompanies the book is much more than a free gift. It is a true extension of the work; an invitation to reread a work that is presented as a question about limitations and unexplored possibili-ties of photography. It contains sequences from Roy Stuart’sGLIMPSE series, clips from his shoots, dressed in music and some-times text.The DVD represent the alliance between photography and video and offers a vision of what could become erotic art as opposed to the porn industry that clutters the internet with its waste.


In Western culture nudity, sexuality and beauty have always been linked to the notion of truth and the pursuit of knowledge. When re-ferring to truth In it’s purest form don’t we say the naked truth?And isn’t Beauty a door through which we awaken the dead, for a moment, a moment of desire, desire of the other, where after intros-pection, the understanding of this pleasure fades away beyond our grasp.This book is presented as a labyrinth, where an unexpected monster awaits ...


What is the thread that guides us through Roy Stuart work? What would happen if we read this book as a search for a hidden se-cret between the images and lines?Do not hesitate. Go ahead. In the book you may find the answer,a monster, your reflection, the way out, the lost door that leads to this necessary truthat the heart of an artistic question,beyond the mystery of desire.

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EACH BOOK IS HAND-SIGNED BY ROY STUART AND INCLUDES 3 signed, original 22x34 chromalin photo prints from the book. A full one hour DVD of original material included. This is a perfect gift.

Price : €300 


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