Roy Stuart Vol. 4 - Editorial Review

Roy Stuart has been at it again, traipsing around Paris from luxury apartments to the streets, capturing men and women defiantly acting out their sexual fantasies. From peek-a-boo panties to same-sex petting to more "indiscreet" activities, Stuart’s titillating mises-en-scene challenge us to break loose from traditional moral codes. Featuring not only young, perky-bodied women but also females of a certain age, these images are more hardcore and more daring than anything Stuart has ever produced. Also included are a rare interview with Stuart and images from his first feature film, giving a taste of what Stuart’s future offerings will bring us (he plans to devote himself solely to the moving picture after this, his final book. From the Publisher : Based in Paris with a reputation as a grandmaster of the erotic camera, Roy Stuart has exhibited his work in numerous galleries throughout the world. He has published three best-sellers with TASCHEN prior to this final follow-up collection of subversive, erotic fantasy narratives. The book also contains a DVD which includes excerpts from his soon to be released feature film "The Lost Door".